A Copywriting Agency or a Freelance Copywriter: Pros and Cons. Let’s discuss.

According to a recent joint report by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, in 2020, as many as 84% ​​of the B2B companies have chosen to outsource their content creation process.

These figures validate what we already know – that the demand for professional copywriting and content writing is pretty solid both locally and globally.

In other words – every small, medium, or large entrepreneur sooner or later reaches the point where they must choose a trusted copywriting agency or freelance copywriter.

But what should you consider when making this choice?

Communication and Organization of the Process

Each medium-sized copywriting agency has an account manager whose primary responsibility is swift and timely communication with clients. Usually, this person is not committed to writing texts but only to accurate planning and stringent organizational work – the backbone of any successful partnership.

On the other hand, a freelance copywriter is forced to race with the clock constantly. When working with a large number of clients, they often don’t have the capacity to organize, plan and communicate the process in the best possible way. Not because they can’t, but because they don’t have time… Because they are busy writing.

A Set of Knowledge and Competencies

If the freelance copywriter is just one individual, then the copywriting agency is the whole artillery of specialists with different backgrounds, expertise, education, and competencies. What does this mean in practice?

  • The copywriting agency can offer the creation of expert content for a much wider range of topics and business niches;
  • The copywriting agency (not by definition, but in practice) has a much deeper understanding of digital processes, including marketing and advertising;
  • The copywriting agency has the human and technical resources for better and more in-depth research, including through the specific skills of its partners and employees.

A music to your ears, right?

It is essential to know that a reliable copywriting agency can perform any task strictly and mechanically, but they can do much more. Namely – use their knowledge and skills to support the client with consulting, planning, and following the best practices in content creation.


Last but not least, many copywriting agencies are composed of both writers and specialists in additional professional fields: translators, marketers, and SEO professionals. Again, this supports a qualitatively new type of service that goes far beyond text creation.

A good copywriting agency can provide precisely the type of content that has the power to bring in traffic, drive conversions, ensure great ranking, and build a stable brand image for your business.

The “Content Editing and Proofreading” Factor

The structure of copywriting agencies, whether horizontal or hierarchical, assures another significant benefit – the second opinion. If a freelance copywriter is a manager, author, editor, and proofreader of his work, the situation in a copywriting agency is different in two ways.

First – each piece of content is framed and discussed before the writing even begins. Throughout the process, details such as structure, style, keywords, message, and impact are carefully addressed.

And second – in a copywriting agency, each written piece of text is carefully double-checked before being handed over to the end customer. This includes editing, proofreading, and correcting the spelling, punctuation, stylistic, lexical, and semantic flaws. Because perfection always lies in detail.

Quality Guarantee and Good Business Practices

Working with a professional copywriting agency can give you confidence that you will spend your money wisely, and your content budget will bring the expected returns. Why is this so? Put simply: the agency team is pre-selected, trained, and qualified to provide the highest quality service.

What’s more: working with a company contractor guarantees well-arranged payments, proper accounting, and reliable business models that a freelancer is not always able to offer.


In Conclusion

All of the above does not imply that freelance copywriters are generally unreliable. On the contrary – most copywriting agencies in Bulgaria operate with a team of top-notch freelance copywriters.

However, the difference is rooted elsewhere – in the human, time, and organizational resources that a larger structure can contribute. Because the process is just as relevant as the final result, and several heads always think better than a single one.