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Who We Are

We are CopyVibes. A copywriting agency specialized in creating texts that meet the needs of both the users and the search engines. Our copywriting services are tailored to the personal desires and needs of our clients, and by collaboration and mutual efforts, we achieve optimal results.

The copywriting services we offer are available in Bulgarian, English, German, Russian, Polish, Romanian, Greek, Spanish, and Chinese, which helps us expand our range of satisfied customers. We are a team of philologists and journalists, each an expert in one of the languages above, who knows their grammar, style, and vocabulary standards. We believe that flawless spelling is not a luxury but a necessity, and we prove it in the performance of any of our copywriting services. We put efforts into creating unique texts, the quality of which is out of any doubt. We offer a wide range of copywriting services of various nature to satisfy the need for a regular and quality presence in the online space.

The vast experience of our copywriters allows us to cope with various tasks related to the creation of textual content. You can contact us if you want a skilled professional to produce a blog or media articles, SEO optimized texts, PR materials, category descriptions, and more for you. You can also contact us if you need text rewriting, proofreading, or professional management of your social media channels.

The up-to-date requirements for creating high-quality texts with optimized content have become a fundamental value for our team. Keywords, structure and paragraphs, grammar and vocabulary, are just some of the aspects that copywriters pay close attention to when working on your copywriting projects. We believe that this is the way to create the perfect text for every specific task.

CopyVibes is here for you to write, rewrite, and correct texts; to maintain blog content as well as
websites and social media content in the best way possible. Put your trust in the copywriting services we offer, and in return, you will receive attention, care, personal approach and engaging content specially created for you, your audience and the product you are offering.

Meet our team



Konstantin Simidchiyski was born in Sofia. He studied Journalism at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski ”. He has been working in the media and copywriting niches for the last ten years. He has worked as an editor and editor-in-chief in various sports and lifestyle magazines and websites. Konstantin is one of the founders of VIBES.BG lifestyle media.



Stanislava Simidchiyska is one of the founders of CopyVibes copywriting agency. She holds a Bachelor degree in Bulgarian Philology from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ", followed by a Master's degree in Journalism and Media at the same institution of higher education. She has nearly ten years of media experience, including working as an editor at a women's website, as well as a responsible and managing editor at various fashion websites. She is also one of the founders of VIBES.BG Culture and Lifestyle website, where he works as Editor-in-Chief with her husband and also a founder of VIBES and CopyVibes, Konstantin Simidchiyski.



Radostin Spasov is one of the copywriters working for CopyVibes. A versatile player who can write an article about cryptocurrencies, real estate, essential oils, travel destinations, and the quantum interplay between a marshmallow and a drill. In fact, the latter is not true, but it is true that he writes in both Bulgarian and English. It is also true that for 15 years he has worked as a sports journalist, having gone through print media such as Meridian Match and Monitor, and is currently practicing on the TV screen (and behind it) as a part of the sports editorial of TV+. He has a bachelor degree in Journalism from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ", later pursuing a Master's degree in Music Multimedia Technologies, in the same higher education institution.



Lyubomir Petrov graduated from “Todor Vlaykov” Professional High School of Economics in the town of Klisura. His completed economics degree does not prevent him from starting his development in another direction as well, to indulge in what he likes to do most - writing. Currently, he is a journalism student at Sofia University with a "Print and Agency journalism” profile and a “Culture” thematic profile. He recently writes his own blog, mainly related to his favorite hobby - reading books and presenting them. He is one of the authors of the lifestyle platform Vibes.bg and the new addition to copywriting agency CopyVibes, but has successfully completed his first projects! He is loaded with lots of creative inspiration, diverse interests, lots of books to read, and most importantly, a white sheet to express his full creative potential on!


Velislava Necheva graduated from “Yoan Exarch” Language Highschool in Vratsa with a profile in German and English as a second foreign language, then a bachelor's degree in German philology with a major in Spanish and a master's degree in translatology with German. She has worked for three years as a teacher of German language and literature. In 2018, she won the “Best Young Teacher” award in the secondary education system. She is a co-author of the study guide “10 versions of a German Language Matriculation Examination”.

She is currently teaching German, English, and Spanish for children and adults as well as translation services.


Mara Ergin

Mara Ergin was born in Burgas. She completed her specialized secondary education in Sofia at the “Maria Louisa” Professional high school, specialized in fashion and clothing. She has a Master's Degree in Marketing from the Burgas Free University. Her interests are diverse, as are her pursuits. Apart from her artistic skills, she has a strong affinity for the Bulgarian language; she writes prose and poetry. She is prone to learning foreign languages, which she further perfects for many years. She has worked as a translator in The United Kingdom with Bulgarian, English, and Spanish. After returning to her home country, her professional activities are related to writing and editing articles for CopyVibes and other sites in Bulgarian and other languages; teaching English to children and adults; guiding tours with English and Russian; English translation services for the Municipality of Burgas, as well as for events of different nature.



Nadezhda Stanulova graduated Slavic Philology with Polish at “Paisiy Hilendarski” University in Plovdiv. She studied one semester at the University of Torun "Nicolaus Copernicus" (Poland) under the Erasmus + program. She is successfully working in the field of science and education as a teacher of Bulgarian language and literature. She owns several literary awards for translating poetry and prose from Polish to Bulgarian at the “Paisiy Hilendarski” University in Plovdiv.



Christianа Tomova graduated from the First Language High School in Varna with English as a primary and German as a secondary language. She later studied Romanian Philology at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and International Economic Relations at UNWE. She is currently preparing her thesis for graduating from the Sofia University’s “English Translation” program. Christiana has more than 12 years of experience as a freelance translator. She is fluent in Romanian, English, German and of course, her native Bulgarian language. She is currently studying Russian.

She was mainly involved in the translation of documents but also translated fiction and theater plays.



Maria Bikova has a degree in Russian language and literature from Moscow State Pedagogical University in Moscow. She has been working as a copywriter since 2007, collaborating with various websites, newspapers, and magazines. She was born in Russia, but she lives in Bulgaria from 2012 on.

He has his own website dedicated to life in Bulgaria.



Natalia Todorova was born in Varna. She graduated from Veliko Turnovo University "St. St. Cyril and Methodius "majoring in Applied Linguistics in German and Chinese. After her third year, she went to a one-year specialization at Beijing University of Languages ​​and Culture. A year later he completed a Master's Degree in Translatology with German. She is currently a Chinese language teacher at Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar." She has been working as a freelance translator from and to Chinese for six years. She is mainly involved in interpreting business meetings, doing technical translations, and translating advertising texts and websites. Her latest venture is to organize and run Chinese language and culture courses in Varna.



Elena Markova holds a degree in Spanish Philology, followed by a Master's Degree in Translation and Editing at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ". She has experience in writing essays and reviews; she translates films and books, articles, documents, and more. In addition to writing and translating in Spanish, Elena is currently a teacher at a private language academy.



Lilyana Georgieva graduated from the “Peyo Yavorov” Language High School in Silistra with extensive German language studies. This helped her gaining her “Media and Management "Bachelor’s degree in Cologne, as well as her “Film Sciences“ Master's degree in Berlin. She has been living in Sofia for the last year, where she graduated in practical journalism at VUZF. In addition to German, she is pleased to write articles and film criticism in her mother language on Vibes.bg, Melange.bg, and Go Guide.

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