You may have already heard, or perhaps you are yet to get acquainted with the term “growth hacking” – a fascinating approach towards business expansion and development. In both cases, we have a lot to share with you today – both about growth hacking and its correlation with quality copywriting and content creation.

What is Growth Hacking?

Essentially, growth hacking is a rather intriguing blend of metrics and creative thinking, of predictable models and unconventional experiments, of experience and innovation, of common sense and a spark of wholesome craziness.

The ultimate goal is very simple – to achieve maximum business results in a minimum unit of time, in conditions of limited or almost zero financial capital. Does it sound like something that is about to become remarkably popular as an approach in the near future? To us – definitely. And if until recently, growth hacking marketing was primarily a tiny startup trait, now things are changing. 

Growth hacking techniques cover many areas, including digital marketing, web design, UX design, applied psychology, and, of course, content creation and advertising.

And although we are not gurus in all of the above, we definitely have something to say about the role of a text in successful growth hacking campaigns.

Growth Hacking Techniques Built on Textual Content

Here are some of the most common and affordable growth hacking techniques that rely almost entirely on the textual content to accomplish their purposes:

#1 Provide Valuable Resources

This is one of the main ways to collect the contacts of your potential customers quickly, meaningfully, and efficiently. Creating a list of users is especially important because it allows the business to stay in touch with users – to send information about current promotions, exclusive offers, news, etc.

How exactly does this happen? In a few uncomplicated steps:

  • Determine the interests and the pressing challenges of your audience – not with a crystal ball, but with the help of preparatory marketing research;
  • Create content with high added value for your audience. This can be an e-book, a list of resources, practical tips for dealing with an urgent problem, or another type of thematic document. Use the services of a professional to write the content so as not to produce the opposite result;
  • Release the created content for free use, only against the provision of contact by the user;
  • Use the collected contacts wisely – no spam and no sending out the same type of boring messages over and over again. How exactly, you would ask? With attractive offers and phenomenal email copywriting.

Marketers report an incredible 760% increase in revenue from email campaigns that are well-segmented and using personalized copywriting. (1)


#2 Experiment With Your Ad Copy, Messages, and Calls to Action 

Copywriting is a fundamental element of social media marketing, email marketing, and other promotional campaigns related to public image and sales.

And if the purpose of the copy still seems ambiguous or somewhat abstract to you, let’s introduce you to some genuine and truly revealing figures:


  • 59% of customers state they would not trust a company that makes spelling or punctuation errors in its materials; (2)
  • Custom calls to action achieve 202% higher conversion rates; (3)
  • A captivating ad message brings 7.8 times more traffic to the website or landing page; (4)
  • Optimizing your ad copy brings an average 42% higher return on your advertising budget. (5)


Are you already intrigued? If these numbers make you consider investing in professional copywriting services, then you are on the right track.

#3 The Slogan is Essential!

The slogan is the smallest piece of text that is supposed to carry the strongest message from the brand to the consumer. Here we are talking both about the slogan of the company itself, as well as the leitmotifs of the various advertising campaigns that you conduct. 

Various studies show that a simple change in the “motto” can increase sales and business revenue by up to 200%. (6)

For one reason or another, businesses often neglect slogan messages, which results in a further need to rebrand and rethink the overall marketing concept.


#4 E.A.T. – Expertise, Authority, Trust

You have probably heard many times from different sources that maintaining a blog section for your website is crucial. The reasons for this are so many that they can be the subject of a whole series of articles. However, we will touch on only one of them here – the E.A.T. formula, or Expertise, Authority, Trust.

Put shortly, this is the process of building credibility for your brand. Credibility, based on high expertise in your niche and on delivering valuable textual content of practical help to your target audiences.

So, let’s turn again to the statistics. They reveal that about 85% of businesses that define themselves as “successful” claim that developing an in-depth content strategy is the number one reason for the company’s growth. (7)

How is long-term trust generated? By researching hot topics and issues among your users and producing quality, detailed, unique, and expert content that provides actionable solutions to these problems. Any experienced SEO or content marketing specialist can help you prepare such a plan, and a trusted copywriting agency with experience in the field can help you prepare it.


#5 And So Much More!

Other ways to use text to achieve fast and efficient business results include:

  • Creating specialized landing pages and A / B experiments related to their textual content;
  • Creating personalized creatives for different segments of your audience;
  • SEO optimization of the textual content of your website;
  • Creating an overall context, history, and “atmosphere” around the brand;
  • And anything else your imagination can conceive.

Because growth hacking is precisely this – creating unusual adaptations of pre-existing forms. Pulling business success out of thin air. Success, largely based on words and their unsuspected, powerful charge.