Creating product descriptions for online stores is an advanced skill in copywriting. The difficulty stems from the need to enfold the whole essence, purpose, composition, strengths, and advantages of the product in a few words while conveying emotion, inspiring confidence in the consumer, and encouraging him to buy. At the same time, the description should be easy to find by search engines and constructed to rank in higher positions. Further below, we will reveal some carefully kept secrets from the highest echelon of copywriting, specifically handpicked to properly show you how to create product descriptions.

Sincere and unique 

The time of online stores containing photos and descriptions copied from the manufacturer’s website (or the competition) has passed. The owners of online positioned businesses are aware that unique product descriptions, created by a professional specifically for the brand, reflecting the company’s mission, vision, goals, and style, are not an extravagance, a whim, or a waste of time, but a responsible choice.

The product description is essential for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and improving your Google ranking, as well as reaching potential customers ahead of the competition, impressing them, and eventually winning them over as loyal clients. It carries the spirit and essence of your business, builds trust in the company and its services, helps consumers navigate the variety of products, and makes it easier for them to make the right choice. А customer, who does not waste time looking for product information elsewhere, but receives it from you in a systematic, exciting, and comprehensive way, is a happy customer. And a happy customer is a regular customer.


It‘s Not Just Words

E-commerce involves purchasing without touching and trying the product to feel its aroma and texture. The item is literally bought only through its description and photo. This makes them essential. 

The description of the product must not only be unique and impressive, but it should also convey the character of the item by putting its essence into words. Through it, the customer must feel the fabric on his skin and believe that he is making the best choice for himself and his family. It is important to give the product description life, exciting depth, and content.

The content is related to the following questions: What is the product; the material; its impact? What benefits will it bring to the customer? How is it used, maintained, and stored? 

The components of a good product description are clear. But only an expert copywriter can derive a meaningful result from them, immersing the client in the company’s world and the product, selling image and conception of the world and not just that of an item. The non-professional will create a series of sentences that are coreless and do not engage the client. Useful and engaging content is also loved by Google, which will respectively rank your site in higher positions.

Little secrets

Two of the secrets from the armory of a good copywriter, who creates product descriptions, are related to the description’s content and title. Product titles must contain the name of the item, the brand, and its characteristics, as well as a word that evokes emotion.

Product descriptions must follow the same model for the same type of item or website. The use of such gives a harmonious look to the store and is the key to success. In a clothing store, the model would contain 2-3 sentences, which interestingly describe the product, a sentence about its origin or the origin of the fabrics, and a sentence about the composition of the item. Of course, the model is not suitable for a product description of a cosmetic item. Every copywriter has built templates on which he works. The professional must also include the name of the product in the description, considering SEO.

The HCC Rule

Harmony, Character, Charisma. Three important nouns for product descriptions that must become verbs for a brand to be successful. If you make the wrong choice and divide the descriptions of your goods between different experts so that they are ready faster, you will lose harmony. Expert copywriters have their own bright handwriting, which is actively distinguished. Character is what will win and keep the customer engaged, buying emotion and experience, not just a product. Charisma is the thin thread that creates thick ropes around consumers and transforms them into loyal followers.

Think of product descriptions as an investment, which will pay off many times over. Set aside a reasonable budget and enough time for them and entrust their creation to an expert copywriter. Your excellent product description strategy will set you apart as a serious and stable business that the consumer can trust.