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What we offer

  • Content writing

  • Rewriting

  • Proof-reading

  • Social networks management and support (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn)

The services we offer are:
Content writing Re-writing of texts Editing/Proofreading
Social networks account management (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn)
Graphic design

Content writing
The content creation is the main activity of our agency. Our team consists of philologists and
journalists who can take every challenge for creating of an excellent text.

Copywriting agency CopyVibes is your agency if you need:
- Writing of articles for a site or a blog on various topics
- Product descriptions
- Creating of content for an entire website
- Writing of PR materials
- Writing of SEO texts

The main features of an excellent text are:
- Inclusion of key phrases. They are selected at the beginning stage of the planning. In order to prepare and format them properly, the copywriter must have knowledge in SEO.
- The excellent spelling and grammar are of great importance. The mistakes in an article can hinder its populization and have a negative impact on the readers’ perception.
- Uniqueness. The repeating of content from similar sources is unacceptable. The uniqueness is determined separately for every topic. The perfect case is to achieve 100% uniqueness;
however there are topics where it is difficult to achieve this result because of the mandatory key phrases in the texts. For example, topics like law and medicine.
- Mindful positioning of a ‘hidden’ advertisement. Even though the main goal of some texts is to promote certain products, the ad should be presented carefully, because the ‘aggressive’
approach is not well accepted by the users.
- Structuring. The content should not be formatted in a single paragraph. The proper formatting includes more paragraphs with an accent on the main points.
- Length. The number of the symbols depends on the topic and the audience. We can write a detailed text or a short note. It is important for the content to be informative.

Re-writing of texts
In some cases the clients have raw versions of the texts and need a specialist who can re-write the
content with proper spelling and grammar, interesting style and SEO optimized. You can give us a
semi-completed text or a text with just the basic points, and we’ll re-write it to be ready for publishing.

It’s a tendency for the proper spelling to become a luxury. It is a skill that not everyone knows how to
master. Here comes the role of our graduated philologists who brilliantly know how to use the niceties
of the languages.
If you have a finished text that needs a final proofreading, you can count on us.
Social network account management
Nowadays, every business needs not only a dedicated website, but also various profiles across the
social networks. We develop strategies for management of pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,
Google+, LinkedIn and Vontacts.
We offer daily publishing of selected by us posts that comply with the requirements of each social

Graphic design
Here, at the copywriting agency CopyVibes we give special attention not only to the text part of the
projects, but also to the visual part. That’s why we offer creating logos, banners, a complete corporate
identity and more.
Your logo is the symbol of your business. It has to correspond perfectly to your activity: to describe it,
to complete it and to make impression. Our job is to create a logo that responds to your aesthetics amd
makes you stand out from the rest in an extraordinary and professional way.
Banners are still among the most effective ways to attract clients to your business, to present them
with your visual message, to make them notice you. Banners can be static or animated. You make the
choice, we create it.
The corporative identity represents the complete company presence. You can count on us to create the
design for your business cards, folders, notebooks and even coffee mugs.
Trust in us that we’ll build visually your professional image in the industry.

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