Copywriting services

Content creation is the primary competence of our agency. Our team of philologists and journalists can
handle different levels of difficulty when it comes to the copywriting services involved in the
construction of excellent texts. We will help your business or product to reach more customers by using
relevant keywords and properly selected phrases.

CopyVibes Copywriting Agency offers a wide range of copywriting services:

• Blog / Website Articles:

A copywriting service that regularly updates the content of your website. This has a strong, positive
impact on both your search engines performance and the needs of your customers. The added value for
your customers is of the utmost importance, so you need to continuously provide them with new and
exciting information related to your business. Keep in mind that regular content additions on your
website give search engines an indication of the reliability of your platform.

• SEO copywriting

SEO text creation is a copywriting service that helps every website to become recognized by search
engines. Researching keywords and phrases in your business niche as well as defining your audience is
part of the work of our copywriters in optimizing the content of your website. SEO copywriting can help
you improve your ranking in various search engines on the Internet. CopyVibes has formed a partnership
with some of the largest SEO agencies in the country. Our combined efforts and competencies help
various businesses to gain online recognition.

• A to Z website content

By entrusting your website to a team of professionals, you can be sure that its entire content will be
attractive to readers and adequate to the latest SEO requirements.

• Website category descriptions

This is the perfect way to familiarize your customers with the diverse aspects of your business. We will
produce clear, accurate, and literate descriptions containing the necessary keywords to represent your
products, services, etc.

• Product descriptions

If you are an owner of an online store, keep in mind that the products you offer must be described in
detail. Not only do you need to provide all the necessary information to your potential customers, but
also to ensure that pre-selected keywords are present for optimization purposes.

• Landing pages

Our copywriting services also include the creation of content for landing pages, which are an ideal
marketing tool for attracting customers to your products.

• PR articles

When writing PR materials, the main task of our copywriters is to make certain content as attractive as
possible for a targeted audience. The meaningful PR text is intended to attract the reader's attention, to
focus on pre-specified details and most importantly: to sell - ideas, services, products, and more.

• Email marketing

Keeping in touch is easily accomplished through this copywriting service, which emails advertisements
to your target group via email. Contact us to create engaging content for your advertising emails and
expand your reach further.

• Printed ads

Printing advertisement elements on paper is among the copywriting services with proven success. The
required content should be short, clear, and sure to attract attention immediately. Let us focus on the
"hotspots" of your business that you plan to present to the general public.

The copywriting services we offer are diverse enough to meet the needs of different customers and
their products or businesses. CopyVibes employs a team of professional copywriters who are able to
deliver maximum results to the client's individual needs when performing a particular copywriting
service. You have the opportunity to contact our agency for both on-time services and subscriptions for
long-lasting copywriting services.

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