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Text writing
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Our services

Text writing and rewriting

Generating advertising copy and web content with high added value for the customer is our agency’s primary expertise. We can provide you with writing pieces with different topics, styles, objectives, and compositions to help your business improve its online performance on social networks or the media.

Blog or media content writing

Keeping a professional business blog is a way to earn the user’s trust and also helps your website rank better in online search engines. To do so, experts recommend publishing blog materials distinguished by high expertise and the ability to establish authority. This is definitely something we can do for you: timely, professionally, and sticking to the schedule and specifics of your business.

As part of a broader media group, the creators and the team of CopyVibes have vast experience creating engaging media content: news, lifestyle journalism, entertainment, and useful materials for different audiences.

SEO content writing

Search engine optimization is the new black, and content creation is one of its fundamental elements. We have the knowledge, skills, and competencies to create texts that appeal to both users and search engines.

In preparing our SEO content pieces, we adhere to the recommended structure, format, length, and all proven good semantics practices. This includes an expanded core of relevant keywords, maintaining a keyword density under the latest recommendations, and creating a consistent H1-H6 text hierarchy.

Full textual layout of a website

Every online space should have a friendly and intuitive “face” to welcome its users and customers. Whether you are creating a brand-new site or making a complete redesign of the old one – we are here to develop the textual part of your online home.

This includes adequate filling of absolutely all text blocks in the website theme and creating personalized content under variable parameters set by the client and/or the web developer.

Category, product, and service descriptions

The descriptions of your products and services are intended to give the user all the information they need before deciding to make a purchase. Therefore, duplicate, unclear, and poor quality descriptions can be a significant problem leading to unsatisfactory conversions.

We will help you cope with this difficulty. We will produce unique, captivating, informative, and professional descriptions that will make your sales process smoother and more successful.

Landing page writing

Campaign-based, promotional, and narrowly targeted landing pages have their own specifics. They lie both in language and length, CTA, layout, and pressing sense of urgency.

The good news is that our team knows exactly how to address the audience you are targeting – just reach out to us and let us do our magic.

PR and link building articles

Our media environment experience empowers us to create professional, unobtrusive, and stylish PR and link building articles that are not a “thorn in the side” but rather a really engaging piece of information to the selected audience.

This type of media content is effective in product promotions and advertising services, business ventures, events, or causes.

Email marketing

Content writing agency CopyVibes can take care of the preparation of the textual content for your email marketing campaigns. To do this, we use proven working formulas, good practices, and, of course, a pinch of thinking outside the box.

We’ll create customized messages and offers for your various user groups, determine the appropriate communication style, and design functional conversion solutions.

Print and media ad copy

We create advertisement copy for radio, television, brochures, leaflets, catalogs, and billboards – because we understand their specifics and know how to be relevant to customer expectations.

The ads’ content is tailored to your requirements for the length, style, mood, and ultimate goal of the given campaign.

Social network ad copy

Our professional copywriters can create short, captivating, and distinctive advertising copy tailored to the particular social network requirements.

Our professional expertise includes social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Creative writing

Copywriting continually balances on the verge between a business and art. And art is our favorite part.

We can provide you with creative texts of different characters: speeches, letters, congratulatory addresses, personalized wishes, stories, and even poems. Because what is life without a pinch of creativity?

Rewriting, editing, correction, and optimization of finished texts

You already have a text, but you aren’t sure it looks perfect? We are there to make it so.

Our editorial services include working on:

  • spelling and punctuation errors;
  • lexical errors;
  • incorrectly used words;
  • structural inaccuracies;
  • formatting and styling;
  • smooth connections between paragraphs, etc.
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