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In addition to creating content and maintaining social networks, CopyVibes also offers professional translations in a vast range of topics and niches.

Our translation team consists entirely of qualified specialists with the necessary education and qualifications: philologists, certified translators, and native speakers with numerous published online and physical book translations.

What languages do we work with?

As part of our work, we generate translations from and to the following languages:

  • English;
  • German;
  • Russian;
  • Spanish;
  • Chinese;
  • Romanian;
  • Greek.

In all the options listed above, quality is guaranteed, and with it: our flexibility, responsiveness, and high adaptability to customer requirements.

Why trust a professional translator?

Written and specialized professional translations are very different from every day and spoken language. That is why it is obligatory to entrust the translation to a well-acquainted person with both the spelling and punctuation rules of the respective language and its linguistic abundance, especially when it comes to strictly specialized subjects.

While working on your translation, the professionals from CopyVibes copywriting agency adhere to four central goals:

  • To keep all vital information from the source text;
  • To convey it in a logical, understandable, and well-structured way;
  • To provide a final version that meets all norms, requirements, and good language practices;
  • To perform the task flexibly, within the specified timeframe, and following the end customer’s additional format requirements.

CopyVibes guarantees the quality and reliability of each translation performed by our specially selected team of experts.

What is the price for the agency's translation services?

The price of the service is formed according to four main criteria, namely:

  • Source and target language of the text;
  • Length of the text (calculated per page according to the official state standard – 1800 printed characters with spaces);
  • Theme and specifics of the text;
  • Deadlines for finishing the translation.

Topics with serious difficulty such as legal, accounting, technical, or scientific texts can make the service more expensive according to the degree of complexity. The same applies to the express service, where the price can increase by up to 100%.

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